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Trippin’ on those ‘shrooms takes you to other places, dude! – Pacific Living by Titan

Posted in Obscurities, Reviews with tags , , , on October 28, 2011 by Underneath A Dying Sun

While having a chat with Green & Wood bass player Josh Anzano after the gig with Saviours at the Sonic Ballroom in Cologne (read the interview here), he told me that he also plays guitar in Titan. For those of you unfamiliar with this band: hailing from Brooklyn, NY, this awesome four piece features a jammed out, psychedelic sound with a strong Kraut Rock/early Progressive feeling. Somehow their brilliant 2010 effort Sweet Dreams, which came out on Relapse, seemed to drown in the wake of the whole 70’s/retro hype that exists these days.

Anyway, Josh gave me a tape by Titan called Pacific Living, containing a jam session from 2008, recorded at KYC Studios in Los Altos, CA. It is now out on German DIY label “Who Can You Trust? Records”. As far as I know, only 150 copies exist, so be sure to grab one of these while stock lasts!

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