Toxic business, Black Metal sightseeing and ancient Greek gods: Joel Grind of Toxic Holocaust speaks

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When American Thrashers Toxic Holocaust played the Underground in Cologne on November 19th, 2011 (as part of the tour with Kvelertak, read more about the gig here), I took the chance to have a chat with guitar player and driving force Joel Grind.

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Ever experienced the stranglehold of a drunken viking? – Kvelertak live @ the Underground, Cologne, November 19th 2011

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One of the most anticipated tour packages this year (IMHO, of course…), consisting of Kvelertak, Toxic Holocaust, The Secret and Wolves Like Us, finally invaded the Underground in Cologne on November 19th. Four top-class acts guaranteed and a sold out venue, so I braced myself for an overcrowded place and a hard time to get from the bar to the front row and back for the next pint…

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A Dark Sun for your Black Winter Night – “Sleep Summer Storm” by Woburn House

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After finding their way out of the Mushroom Maze, Woburn House finally release themselves from the shackles of “Postrock meets Doom” and succeed in carving their very own niche. More influences become audible, but the band manages to take a step beyond solely adapting and reproducing these. Grunge, Soul and even Scott Walker are mentioned by the musicians themselves, but when you listen to the album, these become hard to spot.

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Live Ritual impressions…

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I uploaded some photos taken at Hammer of Doom Festival and the German release show for the new The Devil’s Blood album The Thousandfold Epicentre.

The Devil’s Blood German Release Show

Hammer Of Doom 2011

Also check this article about Hammer of Doom on Psychorizon!

Back to the blackest roots of Metal – “The Old Chamber” by Klabautamann

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After reaching far out into the universe of Prog and Avant-Garde with Merkur, Klabautamann from Bonn, Germany, astound the tended listener once again and take no prisoners this time. With The Old Chamber, the band decided to take a few steps backwards into the realms of pure frozen Black Metal atmosphere once again.

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Someone got a torch? – “No Light For Mass” by Okkultokrati

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Earlier this year, (in February, to be accurate) I went to see Kylesa in Bochum, Germany. Although totally blown away by them, Okkultokrati, that night’s supporting band, also left a permanent impression. I recently picked up a copy of their first album, No Light For Mass, at Drake Records in Cologne.

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