About this blog

This blog will be mainly about the Stoner Rock/Sludge Metal/Postrock Scene, as these bands still get only marginal media coverage in my opinion! As long as there are interesting subjects to blog about, other genres won’t be omitted, of course.

I chose the name “Underneath a Dying Sun”, because it reflects my  view on the current Heavy Metal scene in total: lots of cool things are happening in the underground and go by barely noticed (–> underneath), while the mainstream shit slowly eradicates any individual way of life (–> the dying sun).

I hope you’re enjoying your visit and don’t forget to follow me on twitter!

Picture taken by J. Uessem, http://band-photography.com/


One Response to “About this blog”

  1. Hey thanks for the words! This blog is great as well. Loved your reviews and the sludge love of yours. Cheers from the Himalayas!!!

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