Crusty Thrash from America’s Dairyland: “Stalemate” 10” by Protestant

Alright, first post of 2012! I hope you enjoy it:

After releasing a certain amount of 7“, Splits and LP’s, Protestant from Milwaukee, WI, are about to unleash their latest output onto humanity: a 10” containing six tracks, titled Stalemate. It’s being released by five labels: Dingleberry, Parade Of Spectres, Caramba, Halo Of Flies and Apocaplexy.
Hardcore riffs are paired with metallic aggression in order to create a fine piece of Crust/Thrash Metal that guarantees a lot of spins on your turntable!
The songs are mostly mid-paced with the occasional uptempo burst and benefit from a rough production job courtesy of Shane Hochstettler from Howl Street Recordings. Bass and guitars are molded into a thick, almost tangible mass of sonic force, while the drum sound leaves nothing to complain either. Sometimes the melodies seem to lose some punch compared to the rhythm section, but I can live with that…
My favorite track is #4, “Corners”, as it features nice riffing during the verses and some cool melody guitars at the end of the song.

The 10” comes in a screen printed cardboard cover (first press red, second one black), including an mp3 download-code and a booklet with the lyrics and some interesting thoughts about community and DIY spirit in today’s punk scene.
Unfortunately I don’t know from which painting the cover is taken, as the booklet provides no information about this.


1. Nothing Left (3:06)
2. Passing On (3:12)
3. Misplaced (3:58)
4. Corners (3:56)
5. Regrets (3:05)
6. Swindle (3:49)

Check out the band’s homepage and bandcamp site. Drop Tim from Dingleberry Records a line via dingleberry(at) in case you like to order this little gem!

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