These sisters show no mercy: 7″ by Doomsisters

Wow, I just dropped the needle and a few seconds later it’s all over! Well, not really, but French Grindcore outfit Doomsisters keeps the pedal to the metal most of the time.

I kind of like early Napalm Death, Carcass and Terrorizer, but generally I’m not really into Grindcore at all. So I must admit that the A side of this 7” doesn’t impress me… Six songs from 0:23 to 1:44 minutes rush by and don’t sound very interesting to me. Too fast to keep track of any cool riffs and when you think you heard one, it’s gone already. Unfortunately the Doomsisters don’t have an entry on, so I can’t make use of a decent beverage in order to listen to this stuff while being drunk!
When you flip the record to the B side though, things start getting better IMHO. Two songs merged into one track show the sludgier side of this band. A total playtime of 4:30 minutes features some really cool slow and dragging parts and even some riffs that made me bang my head! I really hope that these guys build on this foundation for the next record.
Lyrically, it’s all about social and political issues, don’t expect alcohol fueled humor or splatter movie samples…


1. Nip/Tuck (0:23)
2. Pullitzer Bastards (0:39)
3. Consomme (1:02)
4. Extinction (0:55)
5. Mendicite (0:30)
6. L’ennemi Est Partout (1:44)
7. Unlogical Feeling/Pillage Legal (4:30)

The 7″ comes in a neat cardboard cover, incl. a sticker and an insert featuring the French lyrics, some English explanations and the cover painting on the backside (click image to enlarge).


Check out the band’s website here (you can download some songs for free) and visit DIY label Dream Comes True at this location. The 7″ has actually been put out on all of the following labels: Dream Comes True, Undislessed, Crustatombe, Unlogical Feeling, Tanker Records, No Way Asso, L’Asso Doomy, Blackout Brigade, Fab and I Love Cops.

Also visit this photo-blog featuring cool images of the French Grind and Crust scene:


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