A Dark Sun for your Black Winter Night – “Sleep Summer Storm” by Woburn House

After finding their way out of the Mushroom Maze, Woburn House finally release themselves from the shackles of “Postrock meets Doom” and succeed in carving their very own niche. More influences become audible, but the band manages to take a step beyond solely adapting and reproducing these. Grunge, Soul and even Scott Walker are mentioned by the musicians themselves, but when you listen to the album, these become hard to spot.

The clean, atmospheric guitar tones clearly dominate this album, supported by a warm and almost calming bass. Distortion is used rarely, by this adding a lot of dynamics to the otherwise sublime, yet melancholic overall sound of Sleep Summer Storm. Florian Toyka’s drumming leaves enough space for the songs to evolve. Versatile and with an eye set for detail, he always plays in a beneficial way. A perfect example for this is the track “Clash”.
Another interesting aspect are the lead vocals by Christian Kolf. As mentioned earlier, Scott Walker is stated as an influence, and the late works of this man show where Christians voice and intonation are rooted (just listen to the beginning of Scott’s song “It’s a Starving” and you’ll know). Sonorous and sorrowful, the vocals seem to share lead instrument duties with the guitar from time to time.

One thing I would criticize though is the fact that most of the songs are more or less in the same mood, taking a bit of the momentum away. On the other hand, the songs have become a lot shorter, making access a little easier if you’re not really into the genre.

In conclusion, I have to say that this sounds to me like the “brighter” side of Valborg at times, which is not astonishing, since Woburn House make up 2/3 of the former (check out my review for Valborg’s latest album here). The cover depicts this idea in a brilliant way: a glowing sun illuminating the night, but still somehow grim and foreboding in its features. Coming to full circle when speaking of Valborg, Jan Buckard is once again responsible for the cover painting.
A demanding album that really deserves it’s place in the catalog of the Zeitgeister.

1. Willow (6:18)
2. Shifter (4:20)
3. Rain Keeps Falling Down (3:23)
4. Clash (6:43)
5. Sleep Summer Storm (7:09)
6. Behind You (2:47)
7. A Simple Man (6:13)
8. Hood (1:50)

Pay the Zeitgeister Kollektiv a vist to by the album (also available as a bundle with the latest Klabautamann – check out the review here) and check out the trailer on youtube:

Sleep Summer Storm Trailer


One Response to “A Dark Sun for your Black Winter Night – “Sleep Summer Storm” by Woburn House”

  1. feminist_deepthroater Says:

    awesome album… killer album actually.

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