Someone got a torch? – “No Light For Mass” by Okkultokrati

Earlier this year, (in February, to be accurate) I went to see Kylesa in Bochum, Germany. Although totally blown away by them, Okkultokrati, that night’s supporting band, also left a permanent impression. I recently picked up a copy of their first album, No Light For Mass, at Drake Records in Cologne.

With riffs torn directly from Venom’s unholy bible, Okkultokrati manage to combine First Wave Black Metal attitude with the atmospheric harshness to be found with Darkthrone and the likes. The influences stated on the band’s Facebook-Page are fitting, too: Black Flag and Black Sabbath. This said, the first two tracks on No Light For Mass set the pace for the album: neck-breaking heavy riffing on the one hand and slowly sludging, almost crusty parts on the other hand; these Norwegians know how to rumble along the filthy old fashioned way.
The production sounds very modern, which is not a bad thing in this case. Thick and brutal, it’s like a hammer-blow aimed straight at your jewels, if you understand…
The only drawback of this little motherfucker is the short playtime of just 25 minutes, making this a short, but nonetheless intense experience.

Fysisk Format (Livstid are in the roster, too), in combination with three other labels, issued a neat Lp version of No Light For Mass, featuring a cardboard gatefold cover and clear vinyl, which you can see below.


1. On Mouth Of Hells (1:36)
2. Ragnarokian (2:49)
3. No Light For Mass (4:43)
4. Tail Of The Snakewind (4:53)
5. Walking Sleep, Sleeping Eye (2:35)
6. Tarblack Snakewind (1:18)
7. Tomb City Rockers/Pungent State (2:35)
8. Stench Of Life (2:13)
9. Promise Me The World (So I Can Destroy It) (2:10)

Visit the band’s own blog (also containing information about Haust) here. Watch the video for “On Mouth Of Hells” here:


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