Gettin’ High in the Lowlands: Sungrazer’s “Mirador”

With their support slot for My Sleeping Karma (in Viersen, Germany, December 17th, 2011) ahead, I once again gave Sungrazer’s Mirador a spin. I got the CD at this year’s Stoned From The Underground Festival, after getting blown away by the energetic live performance of the band.

The latest album of this awesome three-piece is an excellent showcase of lead-heavy grooves and trippy sound-scapes. Finest Dutch Stoner Rock in the vein of Beaver, Borehole and Celestial Season, so to say!
Creative song structures and strong hooks keep your ears on the music at all times. Hans Mulders on Drums and bass player Sander Haagmans provide a brilliant foundation for the neat guitar work courtesy of Rutger Smeets.
Both Sander and Rutger are also responsible for the vocals. These remind me a bit of Gomer Pyle, especially when it comes to the mix. Embedded between sabbathian bass grooves and nifty melodies to burn one to, the lyrics have an almost hypnotic feel to them. Kyuss couldn’t have done it much better…
Actually the bass tone is what I like most about this album. Warm, crisp and pounding at the same time, it’s pretty up-front in the mix and really adds a lot of drive to the songs.
The people at Elektrohasch Records always seem to know a good thing when they smell it… I’m sure these Dutch dudes will make it to the top of today’s Stoner Rock scene easily, so check ’em out on the road!


1. Wild Goose (5:19)
2. Octo (3:10)
3. Sea (8:06)
4. Goldstrike (4:57)
5. Behind (13:45)
6. Mirador (8:23)
7. 34 & More (4:34)

Check out some sound samples, trip on the little movie and buy the album here:


2 Responses to “Gettin’ High in the Lowlands: Sungrazer’s “Mirador””

  1. Danke York, lass uns den Saal rocken!

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