Monumental Sludge from Little Rock, AR: “Rest” by RWAKE

Melancholic, yet playful melodies herald another very interesting Sludge Metal release by Relapse Records, hitting the shelves this autumn. Little Rock, Arkansas, based RWAKE (pronounced Wake, according to vocalist C.T.) manage to come up with an almost progressive sounding album; in terms of Sludge Metal progressiveness, that is…

Rest features six tracks in total, divided into two short interludes and four songs with a mere epic 9 to 16 minute length. The style reminds me a bit of a somewhat cleaner version of Cough or Cull, so what you can expect is slow to mid-paced Doom, spiced up with some harsh Sludge Metal and haunting melodic moments.
The songwriting is once again excellent, but the production is a mixed blessing IMHO. It really lets the melodic parts shine and adds a lot of depth to the cleaner guitar sections, but at the same time it takes away most of the dirt and vigor that is so typical for bands that were signed to Berserker or Shifty Records at one time or another.
It is hard to pick one of the four lengthy songs, but “The Culling” would be my favorite, blending the enigmatic beauty and bleak grimness almost perfectly.

If you’re looking for some fresh and versatile Doom/Sludge Metal these days, you should give RWAKE a listen, but it may take a few spins before you will fully comprehend the album.

Some useful nerd-knowlegde for your next drinking session: C.T. is also involved with King Travolta, King Killer and Son Of Jor-El (who have a cool 7″-split out with Hellhawk on Corley Records…).


1. Souls Of The Sky (1:30)
2. It Was Beautiful But Now It’s Sour (12:08)
3. An Invisible Thread (9:02)
4. The Culling (16:38)
5. Ti Progetto (0:57)
6. Was Only A Dream (14:19)

Check out the track “It Was Beautiful But Now It’s Sour” below and buy the album at Relapse.


2 Responses to “Monumental Sludge from Little Rock, AR: “Rest” by RWAKE”

  1. cheers for the heads up, very impressed with what I’ve heard from this lot so far.

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