Rollin’ Thunder from the Lone Star State: “Let It Roll” by Dixie Witch

Let It Roll by Dixie Witch represents Small Stone Records at its best: southern fried Heavy Rock beefed up with fat riffing and charismatic vocals. I checked out this band for the first time back in 2008 via myspace and really liked them, so I’m glad they are still going strong.

What sets this band apart from label mates such as Sun Gods In Exile, Five Horse Johnson or Freedom Hawk is that little extra grittiness in the riffs, on the one hand pushing a little bit more towards the Stoner Rock genre, while keeping that sunburned Southern Rock groove reminiscent of Skynryd and the likes on the other.
When you listen to the very first drum roll leading into the opening track “Let It Roll”, you’ll instantly get this feeling of cruising down the highway at sunset. Guitar player Joshua Smith does an excellent job on both rhythm and lead guitar, coming up with some fine solos every now and then and an overwhelming tone. Just check that little lick at the start of “Saving Grace” and you know what I’m talking about.

Another difference to your average Southern Stoner Rock act is the double vocal attack delivered by drummer Trinidad Leal and bass player Curt “CC” Christenson, keeping the tracks on Let It Roll fresh and interesting at all times, except for maybe the two songs: the vocal lines in “Second Chance” remind me a bit too much of “Set The Speed” from Smoke And Mirrors (2006) and the last track, “December”, sounds a little uninspired compared to the rest of the album.

I liked the latest Lo Pan and Freedom Hawk records more, but this is nonetheless another great release by Small Stone Records!


1. Let It Roll (4:08)
2. Boogie Man (3:15)
3. The High Deal (4:31)
4. Red Song (3:44)
5. Saving Grace (4:04)
6. Sevens (4:19)
7. Anthem (3:20)
8. Automatic Lady (2:10)
9. Second Chance (3:28)
10. December (2:56)
11. Set The Speed (4:32)

You can purchase the album here. Check out the performance on this year’s SXSW below:



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