Old School Crust: “A Wind Of Knives” by Zygote

Ever wondered what happened to the mighty Amebix? Well, this is what became of the band after their split in 1987. Zygote, as the new band was called, was formed in 1989 and consisted of Amebix  members Stig (guitar & vox), Spider (drums), George “Smutpig” (guitar & vox) and Tim Crow, a newly recruited bass player. Musically, they stayed in the vain of the sound developed on Monolith, the blueprint for what later become known as Crust Punk.

So as with Monolith, many a times On Parole era Motörhead comes to mind regarding the vocals and riffs (check out track 4, “Behold The Man”), while the reverb-laden production in connection with the stinted, but grotesque imagery conjures the crusty atmosphere that bands like Driller Killer or Skitsystem  (you just name it…) have come to adopt during the 90’s. As mentioned above, the music on Wind Of Knives isn’t as brutal and harsh as today’s Crust bands use to be (check out Livstid), but this doesn’t matter when you get barked at with lyrics like these: “She’s 5 she screams & cries – The man made her bleed inside” (taken from “Scarred”)! Tough shit all the way: demanding, highly political and full of social criticsm. The shape of Crust to come, so to say…

First released in 1991, this CD came out in 1994 on Epistrophy Records, featuring 2 bonus tracks, one of them as a hidden track. The first of these, “Man In The Crowd” is actually a re-recording of “Right To Ride” by Amebix. I bought the album some months ago for just 2,00 € at a record store in Dortmund, Germany, where it was buried beneath lots of obscure cheapo’s in the darkest corner of the shop. What a shame! Funny enough, the inlay features an advertisement for a 7” of Bohren und der Club of Gore


1. Motion (5:38)
2. Scarred (5:20)
3. In The Red (3:48)
4. Behold The Man (5:02)
5. We Are Tomorrow (4:36)
6. Here Comes (4:10)
7. The Man In The Crowd (3:21)
8. The Fear (5:44)


3 Responses to “Old School Crust: “A Wind Of Knives” by Zygote”

  1. Hey bro, check out this stuff:http://ayahuascadarktrip.bandcamp.com/

    Trippy sounds from Netherlands/Peru/Brazil.
    Great work….

  2. great 😉

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