Music to Smash Some Heads to: “Cracking The Sledge” by Basanos

Basanos, hailing from Vienna, Austria, are one of the big Thrash surprises I came across this year. After somewhat withdrawing from the scene in favor of new genres and bands like Mastodon, Isis, Kylesa or Black Tusk, I’m very pleased to discover that the genre is still alive and full of exciting bands like this four-piece.

What I like most about Basanos is the fact, that they feature modern riffing, but don’t get taken away with it, therefore avoiding approximation to Metalcore or other bullshit that’s even worse…

Jochen Hagl’s vocals have enough low-end to them that you get the feeling of being punched right in the face, fitting the music quite well. Borrowing from classic Thrash Metal shouting and Great Southern Trendkill-era Anselmo alike, it’s a pleasure to let your ears bleed with this one.
The guitars have that nice little extra grit to them, moving towards the up and coming Sludge Metal sound that i.e. Black Tusk use to deliver these days. Mix that with some cool sounding Neo-Thrash ingredients and you got your very own soundtrack to smash bottles to on your neighbor’s head!

Some calm and moody passages are also present, thus keeping a high level of diversity throughout the album.

This leaves me curious if the band is able to stand up to the thick wall of sound when playing live, due to the fact that they only feature one guitar player. I hope they will make it to Germany during the next couple of months…


1. The Challenge (3:36)
2. Control (4:27)
3. Feed Us (2:48)
4. Impressions (5:09)
5. Break The Oath (3:46)
6. Now (3:42)
7. On My Way (5:30)
8. Cracking The Sledge (3:54)
9. Warfare (3:29)
10. See The Truth (4:52)
11. Aggressor (4:26)

Get the album here and check out the trailer below:


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