For All You Shirt-Nerds Out There…

Everyone has been in this situation before, I guess: there’s always this guy who happens to own just one more bootleg of your favorite band, has seen it just once more live or listened to it just that one week earlier than you… Tired of nerd-envy??? Carry the war into the enemy’s camp and battle it out with a shirt-contest! And what better place is there than the glorious Internet…  is the place to be. I stumbled across this page per accident and got hooked in an instant. Just check out this massive collection of shirts, jackets, patches and other stuff, no matter bootlegged or official!!!!

My humble self is already busy uploading and giving thumbs up to the other collectors. Feel free to join!

…just in case you’re not really sure of joining yet: they even feature a “Guess the Shirt”-contest!!!! OMfuckin’G!!!!!!!

This is how the page looks like. Kind of… (The Count happens to be there just by accident!)


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