Smoked up in Savannah, GA: “Set The Dial” by Black Tusk

Charlie Daniel’s was right, the devil truly must have gone down to Georgia some day. To Savannah, to be precisely. The latest barrel in Black Tusk’s arsenal of hard hitting weaponry provides enough evidence for this and lets you dial your very own doom.

The first track, an instrumental, and the second one set the pace for the album, so far nothing has changed compared to Taste The Sin: all three band members singing, tribal-inspired drumming, distorted bass, Punk rooted riffs that remind you of early Mastodon and just that typical southern swampyness oozing out from every single pore. So what makes this album special?

Well, most important of all, the new record has a kind of flow to it that makes it hard to listen to individual tracks. Mostly mid-paced, there are some parts present that have an interlude feel to them and one track even features an acoustic guitar, but altogether it sounds just like one hell of a 35 minute track.

“Mass Devotion” starts off extremely melodic, showing the influence of fellow Savannah Sludgesters Kylesa. The last song, “Crossroads And Thunder”, is very much in the vein of “Double Clutchin’ In 4 Chapters” from Taste The Sin, closing the circle, so to say.

John Dyer Baizley is responsible for the cover once again, but IMHO he did a better job on the last record.

Set The Dial leaves me a bit unimpressed compared to Red Fang’s or Mastodon’s latest albums, but I’m sure that this one is will be a constant grower!

1. Brewing The Storm (1:59)
2. Bring Me Darkness (3:11)
3. Ender Of All (4:48)
4. Mass Devotion (2:43)
5. Carved In Stone (3:43)
6. Set The Dial To Your Doom (3:04)
7. Resistor (4:35)
8. This Time Is Divine (3:01)
9. Growing Horns (3:33)
10. Crossroads And Thunder (4:29)

James May (dr), Jonathan Athon (b), Andrew Fidler (g)

Watch the trailer and listen to some excerpts on youtube:

Get the album at the Relapse store!


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