Interview with Godsized

On October 1st, 2011, Godsized headed over from the UK to Cologne in order to play their first headline show after supporting Life of Agony in December and Black Label Society in March. After seeing them at the Live Music Hall with Uncle Zakk, I was eager to see the four gentlemen again, but this time at the cozy Underground.  I had a chat with Neil Fish (guitar) and Gavin Kerrigan (bass):

Did you enjoy your last visit to Cologne?

Neil: Yes, this is actually the third time we play in Cologne! In December it was the first time with Life Of Agony, then we did a show with Black Label Society, which was at the same venue, the Live Music Hall. Both shows were incredible! I love being in Germany and Cologne is always a good spot.

Which do you like more: the smaller venues, where it’s more intimate, or the larger ones?

N.: I really like the small ones, but it’s always a trade-off, you know. With the big venues you play in front of a lot more people, obviously, but at the smaller ones you get more of the energy. You can really see it coming back and forth, you see?

Gav and Neil

Yeah, that’s exactly how I felt about your gig with BLS, so I was really excited when today’s date was announced.
What’s in your suitcase when you go on tour?

Gavin: Nothing special (laughs out loud)…

N.: Well, usually whiskey, some Jägermeister, clothes… but Jägermeister is really essential! Yeah, that’s all we need… (now both start laughing)

According to your CD-inlay, you’re sponsored by Jägermeister. Is it like that thing with Orange Goblin?

G.: Yes!

N.: Yes, they sponsor us and those guys give us more support than any record label would do at the moment. So we can’t say enough of good stuff about the company!

So you’re not on a label now?

G.: No, it’s hard… The CD you have is basically a compilation of our first two demos and was made especially for the BLS tour, but we are currently working on an album and will record it towards the end of this year.


That’s great to hear!
What do you do during your spare time on tour? Sightseeing? Or just hang around and enjoy your booze endorsement?

G.: I’d like to make a point of going out and seeing as much of the surrounding towns as you can, but especially when you are in Europe, you’ve got great distances between the places where you play. A lot of the time you’re just in the van, travelling… By the time you get to the venue, you got the sound-check and all that, so you’ve only a couple of hours for yourself, but you always try and see as much of the town as possible. That’s one of the cool things about being in a band!

N.: It can be rough, especially at times when you don’t have a lot of money, it’s not too glamorous, but you see a lot of places. That’s pretty cool.

You should check out the breweries around Cologne!

N.: I know! I actually went to the Oktoberfest in Munich two weeks ago!

What was the first record you ever bought and which was the last one?

G.: The first one I bought was “Killers” by Iron Maiden. Just because of the cover. The last one… what was the last one you got, Neil?

N.: The new Mastodon album. Hadn’t much time to listen yet, but what I heard was fucking cool. My first album was “Appetite For Destruction” and I still love it!

Do you have any “normal” day jobs? I guess the band doesn’t generate enough money and it can be quite hard to arrange a proper job and a touring schedule…

N.: Well, we make money from the band, it funds itself, but we don’t make enough money to put a roof over our heads. So we got normal day jobs. I work in an office, a small business and Gav is a carpenter, like Jesus Christ was (laughing)

G.: Yeah! I wear sandals and a white cloth…

What about your equipment? You like vintage or modern day technology?

G.: Well, I can’t speak for Glen, but as for us two, we are definitely old-school!

N.: Yes! Maybe not vintage equipment like the old stuff, but one of my main guitar is the same age as me: 29 years old. I guess it’s still pretty vintage. I love that thing. It was made three days after I was born! So, vintage gear all the way…

Do you bring it on tour?

N.: Yeah!


Many musicians are very protective about their expensive gear…

G.: Bullshit! I mean, guitars and equipment are made to be played! I think it’s a real shame to have like a ’59 Les Paul bought for a lot of money and have it put aside, never being played. Take it out on the road! Bash on it, sweat on it, bleed on it! That’s what it was made for!

So, that’s it from my side! Maybe we can catch up in London some day. Is the Intripid Fox still running?

N.: Yes, but at a new place, the old one was much cooler. The Crowbar’s still running, too! Next time you come to London, I’ll buy you a beer in the Crowbar! By the way, Ben Ward’s always in there, getting drunk on Jägermeister…

All right, I got that invitation on tape now! Thanks a lot for taking the time, I’m all revved-up for the show now!

Neil, me, Gav


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