Pray to the Flesh of God!

Time for some “retro-stuff”! While working at Drake Records, I discovered this little gem: the Slateman 7” by the infamous Godflesh.

With the Postrock/Metal stuff becoming more popular nowadays, seminal bands such as Godflesh should not be forgotten.
The 7” features “Slateman” and “Wound ’91”, two tracks full of atmospheric soundscapes and thick layers of guitar. Both songs can also be found on the “Slavestate” mini-album compilation, a turning point in the band’s career as more and more industrial influences were woven into the sound.

Just in case you may be in a loss for words amidst a discussion, you can spice up your conversation with some real nerd-knowledge: the live scene gracing the sleeve was shot during a gig in 1991, when Godflesh and L7 opened for Nirvana in London.


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