New Norwegian Hatred: Livstid’s Full-Length!

With Black Metal shifting to countries like the USA (Wolves In The Throne Room) or getting mixed up with shoe-gazer elements in France (Alcest) and TRBNGR in its death throes (seriously: a new singer???), Norway’s music scene needs some fresh blood again. Enter Livstid (“Lifetime”).

The five-piece just put out its first full length on the Norwegian Fysisk Format label. What we get on this angry disc is to be described as an amalgam of Scandinavian Metal, Hardcore Punk and a fistful of Crust attitude. Not as versatile as fellow-countrymen Kvelertak, but at least as hard hitting and jaw breaking!

Also sung (or better: bellowed) entirely in Norwegian, the album features 14 tracks (plus intro and outro) that blast away with the speedometer running in the red constantly. A brutal distorted bass runs beneath buzz saw guitars and sets up a fight with a blunt drummer who relentlessly hammers down the highway on his D-beat. The riffs are sharp and some cool melodies are also present.

Most of the songs will sever your head in an instant, but at times the high speed gets a bit boring and starts losing momentum towards the end. Some doomy Crustcore breaks could make things a lot more interesting…

Nonetheless: if you like your extreme Metal spiced up with some raw Punk attitude, Livstid could be your next choice!

The band currently has a myspace only:


1. Intro (0:07)
2. Nedbygning Av Statsmakten (2:28)
3. Ei Jævla Tragedie (2:34)
4. Permafrost (2:03)
5. Du E Feig (1:10)
6. Alltid Beredt (1:57)
7. Ei Etasje Opp (1:37)
8. Veien Nedover (1:55)
9. Kem Ska Forme Fremtida (2:08)
10. Alle Kan Ta Feil (2:49)
11. Punkere, Stå Sammen (1:34)
12. Krigshisser (1:30)
13. Juggernaut (1:42)
14. Tenk Hvis Alle Hadde Alt (2:41)
15. Dei Du Ikke Ser (2:48)
16. Outro (0:03)


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