Muffalo “Love Songs & Battle Hymns”

Muffalo – half man, half buffalo! Uncle Ted would love to kill and grill one of these…
What appears to be just a weird name made up during the 2nd and 3rd bottle of [insert cheap brand of booze here] is actually the moniker by which Derek Myers, Gene Trautmann and Dean Gunderson perform what I would call Elder Statesman’s Garage Rock. All band members are seasoned veterans of the Stoner Rock and Seattle scenes, having played in lots and lots of bands from Cat Butt to QOTSA, to name just a few, but Muffalo are by no means in the need for name dropping!

The album is called “Love Songs & Battle Hymns”, mainly because of the fact that they play songs about love and fighting… obvious choice, I’d say…
Musically, it reminds me a lot of the last Stooges output, “The Weirdness”, and anything between “Ragged Soul” by The Lazy Cowgirls and the Supersuckers’ “Get It Togehter”. So it’s basically your average favorite Garage band aiming towards mature songwriting skills rather than all Marshalls amped up to 11. Laid back and bluesy at times, Muffalo know what it takes to deliver catchy tunes that hit you in an instant. “Battle Hymn”, the title track, is my favorite song on this one, as it has that classic Garage riff that just sticks to your mind.
The rhythm section really shines and complements Derek’s guitar skills well. His riffs and melodies leave enough space to the vocals, which are very much in the vain of a less cocaine-infused Iggy Pop.

To get back to the name dropping-thing, as it has to be mentioned: the record was produced by Hunt Sales of Todd Rundgren and Iggy Pop fame, while the mixing was done by Paul Leary.

The band has just embarked on its first European tour, live upgraded to a four-piece. An interview will follow! Also visit the band’s website:


1. Stitches (4:08)
2. The Bleeding Heart (3:48)
3. Battle Hymn (2:50)
4. Chicken Dinner (4:14)
5. Safe House (2:54)
6. Purpose Of Aging (3:58)
7. Strange Woman (2:26)
8. Dirty Water (2:50)
9. Pins And Needles (3:16)
10. Last Night (3:07)


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